The PATH_INFO problem for Java servlets

Java EE is a bit limited when it comes to mapping servlets to URLs.

Each webapplication is setup in a context such that http://yourhost:port/contextPath is a reference to a resource within the web application.

Not possiblehttp://yourhost:port/contextPath/anyPath/yourscript.ext/anyPath/
URL-Mapping/Path Info scenarios

Unfortunately the "Not possible" scenario one we really want for CGI because a lot of scripts get information about what they are doing from the PATH_INFO variable.

eg mycontext/somePath/mywiki.php/pagename is common. The script somePath/mywiki.php expects to be executed with pagename as PATH_INFO

The PathInfoFilter solves this. It is mapped to a high level context (eg "/*") and takes a pathSpec init parameter (eg "*.php") and re-maps requests.

See the PathInfoFilter javadoc for usage.