Release Notes * 0.09

  • Fix bug introduced in 0.07 which broke "*.cgi" configuration where no command prefix was supplied and script was intended to be executed directly


  • Removed use of IOException constructor that forced java 6
  • Allow docRoot to be an alias (will be canonicalised)
  • CGIServlet only send error (and thus commit response) if status code is >= 400


  • Fixed NullPointerException for CGIProcess with no cmdPrefix


  • Fixed bug in FastCGI retrieving incorrect protocol status
  • Implemented FastCGI process watchdog FastCGILauncher for starting and stopping a FastCGI Process (any command really) at context start/stop.
  • HtAccessFilter and CGIServlet can both set resourceBase from servlet context-param
  • Updated the Jetty/PHP sample for a complete PHP/FastCGI/HTaccess root context
  • Gobble standard output/standard error of CGI processes to prevent deadlocks.
  • Improved logging so servlets and filters are scoped by their context and name


  • Implemented PathInfoFilter


  • Added some more documentation, tidied up the maven site.
  • Split HtAccessFilter to be more testable and allow reconstruction as a Jetty handler if someone wants to do that


  • Fixed bug for long FastCGI parameters (eg Cookies)
  • Added documentation for PHP


  • No changes. Just Maven/Sourceforge deployment stuff


  • CGIServlet with support for standard CGI and FastCGI
  • HtAccessFilter provides access control based on .htaccess files